A Rejuvenation of Stale Classic Slots: Laser Fruit

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A Rejuvenation of Stale Classic Slots: Laser Fruit

Written by Daniel Wilson
May 24, 2018

Red Tiger games can sometimes feel a bit old-fashioned, with basic graphic design, the simplest of animations, and relatively uneventful payouts; nothing could be farther from the truth with Laser Fruit. The game is fast, energetic, and highly modern – there are even reel-adjusting lasers which fire across the screen!

With up to 60,466,176 ways to win (yes, you read that right) and access to a host of re-triggerable free spins, there’s a lot to like about Laser Fruit.


With a 5×3 layout and classic slots symbols, Laser Fruit is like an evolution of the single-payline games we’re used to seeing. It’s a slick, sleek, sophisticated update, and it’s a pleasure to play.


The game opens with a nice, high definition welcome screen which sets up your expectations. While the game interface is relatively minimalist, it is so clean and sharp than you know the gameplay will be electric. The soundtrack is bouncy and exciting (ever played Ratchet and Clank?) and the game is full of futuristic beeps and whirrs to remind you this a futuristic game.

Players can wager up to $500 on every spin, and since this is a high volatility game, winning spins are generally going to be highly rewarded. During the base game, lasers will randomly fire across the screen, occasionally lodging themselves between symbols, with an arrow pointing up, down, left, or right.

Once the reels come to a halt, these arrows then push symbols along, filling the gap with new matching symbols: this increases the number of ways to win (remember, you can get up to 60,466,176) and almost always results in a good payout. However, if you want to reach the millions of ways to win, it’s the Free Spins round you need!

Free Spins

There’s a lovely “Free Spins” symbol in play during the base game, which makes a scintillating noise on landing. Get 3 scatters in a single spin, and you enter the Mother of all bonus rounds, starting with 10 free spins. Remember those lasers which expand the reels with new symbols? Well, during the free spins round, those expansions stay locked in place!

Spins can also be retriggered up to 10 times, meaning there’s the potential for dozens of spins. As the reels grow, players start to have millions of ways to win, and the payouts can accumulate like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Our Verdict

As a fast, responsive, and attractive game, we were immediately enamoured by Laser Fruit. Once you add in the cool base-game lasers, plus the out-of-this-world free spins round, we were absolutely hooked. If this isn’t one of the year’s most hyped games, then we’ll eat our hats.

You’ve got to try it out!

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