"Rich as an Empire" - Mobile Jackpot Win on Gladiator Slot

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"Rich as an Empire" - Mobile Jackpot Win on Gladiator Slot

Written by Daniel Wilson
August 2, 2017

Angela, a delightful woman from the Buckingham region of the UK, recently took home the equivalent of $2.2 million with a £0.25 spin on Playtech’s famous Gladiator progressive slot.

The win followed a small £30 ($50) deposit, with Angela content to wile away the time at only a few cents per spin. On discussing the “big moment” when the bonus round led to the gigantic jackpot, she says she felt sick and woke her husband immediately even though he was recovering from the night shift!

“It’s just completely amazing and will change everything for us.”


Not Quite Record-Breaking

There’s no doubt that $2.2 million is a life-changing sum, but it’s nearly a million dollars short of the biggest ever win on the Gladiator slot. Saying that, Angela’s victory is the largest sum ever recouped by a player on the mobile version of the game – don’t let anyone tell you mobile slots aren’t every bit as lucrative as their desktop relatives!

The plan for Angela now? She and her husband can quit their jobs and either stroll comfortably into retirement, or use the money to embrace new projects like traveling or funding a business – the world is their oyster!

Mobile Jackpots On the Rise

As more players use the mobile casino, we’re witnessing a marked increase in the number of progressive jackpots being won on that platform. The biggest recorded win was also in the UK, with the equivalent of $13 million Canadian being won on a mobile version of Mega Moolah.

Progressive slots are the most popular of all, and with good reason – by messing around on your smartphone for a little while on the train, or in the cubicle at work, you could become the proud owner of a multi-million dollar fund!

If that’s not good enough reason to play, then what is?

Where to Play

Mr Green and Royal Vegas are both great options, with generous welcome bonuses and a huge selection of other titles to play if you decide to switch things up!