Roam the Wild with Silver Lioness 4x, by Lightning Box


Roam the Wild with Silver Lioness 4x, by Lightning Box

Written by Daniel Wilson
July 3, 2018

Silver Lioness 4x is a new game from the creative team at Lightning Box. Unfortunately, the game isn’t exactly a creative masterpiece. The graphics wouldn’t have attracted attention ten years ago, while the spin speed and animation are a bit slow and clunky.

However, some of us play slots for the dollars, not the designs! Let’s dive right in and see whether Silver Lioness 4x can offer us big enough payouts to forget about the state of the graphics!


The game is set somewhere out in the desert. With a few animals decorating the reels, and the wildlife noises coming out your speakers, you can close your eyes and (try to) pretend you’re there!

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

Visually, Silver Lioness 4x is nothing special. Set against an indistinct orange background, the reels are decorated with a few relics: spears, feathers, and a few reeds. The symbols are very basic cartoons, and the buttons/menus look straight out of a 90’s TV quiz show.

There are 1024 ways to win across this 5×4 slot, and the maximum bet is $200, which means it might just attract the attention of high-rolling players. In terms of symbols, you want to keep an eye out for the rhino and the tribal woman – these are both worth up to 200 coins for 5-on-a-payline.

Of course, there are also the special symbols: the wild and the scatter. The wild is, you guessed it, the Silver Lioness herself, and it substitutes for any other normal symbol to help you form winning combos. The scatter is a big shiny diamond with “BONUS” written across it – hard to miss!

One complaint we have about Silver Lioness 4x is that when you get a big win, the numbers build up on the screen incredibly slowly. It’s like watching paint dry. It says a lot about the game that even a big payout can feel like a chore!

Special Features

The free spins round at Silver Lioness 4x is activated in the same way as most games: there are bonus symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5, and you have to land all 3 during a single spin. You are awarded 8 free spins, with a few extra wild multipliers thrown in, worth 2x, 3x, or 4x – hence the name of the game!

We’ll be honest, the round is pretty uninspiring. When we triggered the bonus during testing, we only 1 of our 8 spins paid above the bet amount, and we failed to trigger any respins. As with all free spin rounds, it has potential to pay handsomely, but the graphics are identical to the base game, and it’s just a bit boring.

Our Verdict

When Mega Moolah was released well over a decade ago, it was a smash hit. Everyone agreed the graphics and mechanics were pretty average, but the monster jackpot was a game-changer! Silver Lioness 4x is pretty much the same game as Mega Moolah, but without the awesome payouts.

It comes across as outdated, and almost like the designers just didn’t want to put the effort into creating a good game.

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