Ronnie O’Sullivan: Sporting Legends, a Brand-New Playtech Creation


Ronnie O’Sullivan: Sporting Legends, a Brand-New Playtech Creation

Written by Daniel Wilson
June 4, 2018

Ronnie O’Sullivan is one of the biggest names in world sport. Regularly lumped in the same category is Roger Federer, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods, he has dominated the professional snooker tour for over two decades and raised the game’s profile beyond recognition. And now, in his crowning achievement (or perhaps not) he now has a pretty good online slot named after him: Ronnie O’Sullivan: Sporting Legends.

Sporting Legends is an ongoing series of slots dedicated to world sports greatest heroes. But will this one live up to the standard of The Rocket’s career?


Unsurprisingly, the game is all about snooker, from the collision sound effects, to the 147-break symbol and table-shaped reels.

Gameplay & Layout

The first thing you’ll notice about the game is that there’s no background music – and that’s no oversight from the designers, either. Mirroring the quiet serenity of the snooker hall, the silence is only broken by the clattering of balls when you make a spin. There’s also a little jingle when you make a winning combination.

In terms of symbols, they’re all snooker-related:

  • Chalk
  • Racked reds
  • Ronnie himself
  • Playing card symbols
  • 147 maximum break
  • Championship Bonus
  • Wild

We’ll be honest, the base game doesn’t offer very much. There’s a wild and landing lots of Ronnies will generate a good payout. Otherwise it’s all about the bonus rounds…

Special Bonus Features

While the base gameplay is a little bit dry, the two bonus rounds offer a healthy dose of variety. There are two: the Championship Bonus, and the 147 Maximum Free Games.

Championship Bonus

Land this special symbol on reels 1 and 5 in the same spin, and players are presented with 5 snooker balls on the screen. Behind three is a cash prize, behind one is “Collect” (which ends the bonus) and the fifth has a “Win All” ball, which collects all cash prizes. Not only that, but there are five rounds. Do well, and you can get a horde of bonuses before the round ends!

147 Maximum Break Free Games

For non-aficionados of snooker, a 147 is like hitting a hole-in-one at golf. It’s the highest possible score, and requires perfect snooker. There have half been around 150 of them in professional snooker history. Anyway, this round gives the player 12 spins, with multipliers as follows:

  • Spins 1-7: 1x multiplier
  • Spins 8-11: 4x multiplier
  • Final spin: 7x multiplier

It’s a pretty standard bonus round, with the potential to take home staggering winnings if you hit it back on the last few pains!

Our Verdict

If you’re not a Ronnie O’Sullivan fan (or a snooker fan at all) then you’re probably not going to get much out of this slot. It’s perfectly good, but there are games which you might enjoy more in terms of theme!

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