Royal Respin Deluxe: A Lucrative New Classic Slot from Playtech


Royal Respin Deluxe: A Lucrative New Classic Slot from Playtech

Written by Daniel Wilson
July 18, 2018

Sometimes you don’t want to overcomplicate things. Sure, you could play a slot with 101 different configurations, tricks, bonuses, cut-scenes and all the other cinematic qualities we’re seeing these days.

But that’s not always what the doctor ordered. If you’re feeling in a more passive mood, with simpler tastes and no requirement for over-the-top theatrics, then Royal Respin Deluxe might be just the cure! Classic slots can be a chore to plow through, but Playtech have put some effort into this one, and it’s bearing tasty, high-value fruit!


Bright colours, memorable symbols, and jazzy music, it’s a classic slot to its core, and looks just like most of the rest!

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

We’ll start off with some refreshing honesty: the graphic design is pretty basic. The “spin” button is a flashing green sign, neon and luminescent; once clicked, it bounces in and out dramatically and looks a bit outdated. The other buttons, bright and obtrusive, follow suit.

But that’s a detail which really isn’t all that important. There’s something mechanical about classic slots and the way they’re played: you spin, and you spin, and you spin, often prioritising speed over watching what’s actually going on. It’s about the destination, not the journey. With that in mind, Royal Respin Deluxe is fast. If you repetitively click “spin” then you’ll fire through rounds quicker than you could believe, pausing just long enough to see your winnings pop up on screen.

In terms of actual symbols, you’re already familiar with them: bars and 7s. There are doubles and triples, combos, and a bunch of neon colours, but fundamentally it’s just those two. A bit bland for some players, but the changing colours do help break up the monotony.

And then there’s the other symbol worth looking out for: the multiplier wild.

Multiplier Wilds

Most classic slots don’t use wilds of any kind, let alone multiplier ones, but Royal Respin Deluxe has gone the extra mile.

The wilds can have a multiplier value of 2x, 3x, 4x, or even 5x if you’re lucky. Since you’re more likely to get a win with a wild involved, these are very powerful symbols – and it doesn’t stop there.

If you land a multiplier wild in the centre space of the reels, you unlock a free respin! Reel 2 will lock in place, while the others get spinning once more. If you manage to land a wild multiplier either side of the respin-triggering wild, then you could go home with a colossal payout: up to 10,000x your stake!

Our Verdict

It’s true that classic slots aren’t everyone’s cup of tea; however, there’s a reason developers keep churning them out – millions of players still LOVE them! We think that if you’re a general fan of classic slots, then you’re going to really enjoy playing Royal Respin Deluxe – it’s simple, enjoyable, and highly lucrative when your luck is in!

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