Say Goodbye to Wagering Requirements at BGO Casino!


Say Goodbye to Wagering Requirements at BGO Casino!

Written by Daniel Wilson
September 29, 2017

Wagering requirements have long been the bane of many online casino players. You see a fantastic offer of 200 free spins and a load of cash just for joining a new casino, and only once you’ve recouped your winnings do you realise that you need to be betting 30, 40 or even 50 times those winnings to withdraw.

Most of us have been there before, and many decided to swerve bonuses in the future because wagering requirements can be so taxing to overcome.

Well no more.

BGO Casino has just dropped a bombshell by stating that, from October 15th, they will be axing their wagering requirements and offering free spins and real cash to players from now on!

A Word from BGO

The CFO of BGO – Hannah  Westley – has said that the decision comes from “listening to what the players had to say”.

Further, she said “We obviously listed them in the terms and conditions, but your average player doesn’t immediately understand what a turn requirement means and can become frustrated easily when not being able to withdraw immediately after a win with an active bonus. And then, of course, different games carry different contribution to turning percentage and it can be quite confusing.”

However, some critics speculate that the move is designed to keep regulators off their back since they’ve been forced to be over $400,000 (CAN) in fines recently.

Whatever the reason, the result is the same: wagering requirements are on their way out, and crowds of players will surely be making their way to BGO Casino to try and cash in on their generosity!

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