Set Sail with Captain Ahab in Microgaming's New "Moby Dick" Slot


Set Sail with Captain Ahab in Microgaming's New "Moby Dick" Slot

Written by Daniel Wilson
October 17, 2017

Despite being a commercial flop at its time of release, Moby Dick is now recognised as one of the world’s premier works of classical fiction; a true flag-bearer for American literature. Herman Melville surely had grand dreams for the novel, but the one thing he probably never expected was an online video slot in its name!

Moby Dick is the latest in a string of pop culture-inspired video slots released by Microgaming, the esteemed casino software developer. What’s unique about this slot is that they aren’t building on recent commercial success (as happens with movie-based slots), but rather reviving a 150-year-old story and transforming it for a modern gaming audience!

And they’ve done it well. The reels of Moby Dick are set in the middle of a tumultuous, choppy sea, with Captain Ahab waiting patiently with his spear in hand. It’s the gameplay itself, however, which reels you in

Game Setup

Moby Dick is a 5-reel, 25-payline slot with a genuinely rustic, simple design. Unlike some ultra-futuristic slots, the idea with Moby Dick is that it’s a classic, and that’s reflected in the painted characters, the blocky reel spins and the Nintendo 64-style background graphics.

The game has the ever-popular “gamble” feature, where players can choose play a 50:50 probability game to either double their money or lose it all. Rather than flipping a coin, you want a golden and silver cup: if you choose the cup with the teabag, your winnings are doubled! You can do this up to 5 times if your luck is in…

Special Features

The Win Freezing Feature is probably the unique aspect of the game. Whenever you hit a winning combo, those symbols are locked in (quite literally by planks of wood!) and you get a free re-spin. Any matching symbols are locked in again, and this continues until you have a spin without that symbol – at this point, you get a nice tidy payout!

Of course, it’s also possible to unlock the free spins round! You can win up to 20 spins simply by landing 4+ scatters on the reels in a single spin. It’s easy to spot the scatter though, don’t worry: it’s got “free spins” emblazoned across the front!

Where to Play

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