A Surprisingly Enjoyable Slot from Pragmatic Play: Peking Luck


A Surprisingly Enjoyable Slot from Pragmatic Play: Peking Luck

Written by Daniel Wilson
August 14, 2018

Peking Luck is the latest in a string of Asian-themed slots from big-name developers, and we’ve crossed our fingers that Pragmatic Play has done a finer job of mastering the genre than the majority of entries we see these days. It’s so generic and overrun with copy-cat games that, to be frank, the slot doesn’t even have to be that good in order to appear excellent.

Let’s take a look and see what Peking Luck has to offer.


From the outset, the slot looks as generic and unappealing as many Asian-themed slots. There are bursts of colour, some recognisable symbols, and nothing original.

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

Peking Luck uses a fairly standard 5×3 reel layout with 25 active paylines, giving it a typical appearance. The symbols are fairly large (they dominate the screen) and range from basic playing card values (10 through Ace) to Geishas, dragons, drums, carnival masks, cymbals,  fans, and the free spins symbol.

The carnival mask is the highest-paying standard symbol, offering up a tasty 30x stake for landing 5 on a single payline. Dragons pay 20x, while the playing cards offer a measly 1-2x. The Geisha acts as the wild, and pays out an exceptionally handsome 400x stake for 5 on a payline. Sure the odds aren’t good, but that is an almighty sum!

The free spins symbol is the only other one of note: get 3+ in any order and you activate the bonus round. You’ll also get 3x, 10x, or 250x your stake as an extra congratulations. This is where things get exciting!

Special Features

While the base game offers a pretty samey experience, the bonus round goes a little further with its creativity. Instead of the usual “3 scatters gets you this, 5 gets you that”, you get to choose your own bonus. Well, you get to choose a random symbol and hope you get a good bonus!

You’ll get a number of spins and a multiplier, which range from 8-38 and 2x-18x respectively. Naturally, if you can get anywhere near the top on both numbers, you only need one good spin to have an extraordinary round. Of course, the 400x 5-wilds-on-a-payline is looking pretty handsome with an 18x multiplier…!

That’s it really, as the rest of the round plays like the base game. It’s a nice cap to a fairly average game.

Our Verdict

While Peking Luck isn’t anything exceptional, it plays better than at least half of the generic Asia games out there. The bonus round is pretty rewarding (unless you get rotten luck with your picks) and while wins are very unusual in the base game, they can pack some heavy value. Worth a go, but there are hundreds of better games out there!

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