Ten Elements - A Beautiful Online Slot by Red Tiger Gaming

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Ten Elements - A Beautiful Online Slot by Red Tiger Gaming

Written by Daniel Wilson
March 5, 2018

Red Tiger Gaming has released a couple of new games recently, and Ten Elements is certainly the most artistic and attractive of the two – it is simply stunning! From the gorgeous geisha (the main character) to the lowest value symbols on the reels, there are no flaws in the Ten Elements aesthetic!

The name of the slot is indicative of the game’s main selling point: a collection of ten different wilds which can attack the reels at any time. These so-called “weapon wilds” each boast different characteristics, and can produce otherworldly payouts in the right combination.

The game is fairly volatile from what we’ve seen, with regular periods of inactivity followed by enormous wins thanks to those deadly wilds. Combining the unique level of artistry with the intriguing weapon wilds makes Ten Elements an inviting game – well worth a try!


The game seems to be set high in the clouds, floating above the dirt and unpleasantness of Earth. There’s a strong aura of magic, and everything feels ethereal and positive. The artists behind Ten Elements have done an incredible job, making this online slot feel like the heavenly dream of a royal princess!

Gameplay Overview

Ten Elements features exactly the soundtrack you’d expect: a light, jingly tune that wouldn’t be out of place in Disney’s Mulan. The game opens with those bright, beautiful reels, and walks you through all the different weapon wilds and what they add to the game.

In terms of symbols, Red Tiger Gaming has even managed to make the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace symbols looks incredible – they’re soft, brightly painted brushstrokes. The other symbols are far more elaborate:

  • An enormous caterpillar
  • A traditional fan
  • Gorgeous flowers

And of course, all of those incredibly vibrant wilds! But impressive aesthetics isn’t the only reason to play this game. The reel motion is ultra smooth and entrancing, and once the wins start building with all those wilds, they can come in droves – we had four in a row worth over 10x our stake.

With an upper bet limit of $500 per spin (the minimum is $0.20), it’s possible to win up nearly $440,000 if you had the luckiest streak possible. Some of the wilds can fill the entire screen as well, and you know that’s always going to pay handsomely.

The Bonus Round

Unlike most games, the bonus round is actually a little less exciting than the base play. That said, there is a free spins icon, and if you manage to land 3 of them during one spin, it’s game time!

While there are no special symbols introduced during the base game, free spin rounds are always beneficial: absolutely no risk, almost guaranteed reward. Keep an eye out for those free spin tokens!

Our Review

When the weapon wilds start landing, it’s one of the best games around. However, those long down periods can be pretty draining, so if you’re not a fan of high volatility games, it might be best to look for a more dependable option.

Do we recommend it? With that many wilds, and such incredible graphics, how could we not?

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