Travel to Ancient Egypt in Style with "Wild Scarabs" by Microgaming


Travel to Ancient Egypt in Style with "Wild Scarabs" by Microgaming

Written by Daniel Wilson
June 26, 2018

Welcome to ancient Egypt, the 2nd-most saturated online slots market in the industry! But, no need to worry, we have good news – Wild Scarabs is one of the good guys! Not only is the slot beautifully made and a joy to play, it also gives out regular wins and has a free spins round which could blow your socks off!

Don’t be fooled by the game’s calm and attractive exterior – it’s serious business. If you’re ready to be impressed, then read on, and learn all about Wild Scarabs, a brand-new slot from Microgaming.

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

Wild Scarabs is simplicity done right. The reels are shaped like an elegant, ancient temple, with bright symbols against the dark background of each. The game’s logo is resplendent in gold and blue at the top of the reels, and the background is a beautiful, sun-drenched Egyptian city.

With drums, strings, and wind instruments creating a cacophony in the background, you almost feel like you’re there! The “spin” noise is a bit futuristic, but everything else feels completely in-sync with the theme.

In terms of symbols, we’re looking at:

  • Coloured gems
  • The Eye of Ra
  • An Ankh
  • Anubis
  • Horus
  • A golden scarab
  • The amber scatter

Players can even win without winning! We’ll explain. If you land a wild on reel 3 but it doesn’t lead to a winning combination, you active the Wild Deal feature: up to 4 more wilds will appear on-screen, guaranteeing a winning spin!

Special Features

The game’s scatter symbol is a gorgeous amber stone, wrapped in a bright turquoise and gold shell. More importantly, landing 3 of them activates the free spins round – and what a round it is!

You start with 10 free spins, but every wild which appears and doesn’t contribute to a win directly, will be stored up for later use in your “Stashed Wilds” box. Once your 10 spins run out, the reels will keep turning until you collect 3 wilds: they are then released into the reels with a guaranteed win.

Basically, unlike any other game, you are guaranteed to win here. And you can win big!

Our Verdict

In all honesty, we were slightly worried going into this one: ancient Egypt is a heavily explored theme and a highly saturated market. However, by finding that sweet spot between simplicity and beauty, Wild Scarabs might just manage to carve out some genuine attention! The wins are pretty regular, the graphics are lovely, not to mention the devastating free spins round. Great game!  

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