Travel to Ancient Egypt with "Valley of the Gods" by Yggdrasil


Travel to Ancient Egypt with "Valley of the Gods" by Yggdrasil

Written by Daniel Wilson
September 3, 2017

Ancient Egypt is a realm which has been explored successfully by a string of developers in the past. However, in order to ensure their game holds its value, Yggdrasil has put every effort into making this game as unique as possible without losing the tried-and-tested charm.

The game opens up with a cool animation: Scarab beetles scurrying around the desert, before activating an ancient statue and, seemingly, bringing it to life. Check out the introductory video:


As soon as the slot loads and you spin for the first time, you catch the first unique aspect of Valley of the Gods: not all the symbols are available! It’s a 5-reel, 5-row slot, but from top to bottom they’re set up in a 1-3-5-3-1 formation, with the others all blocked by scarab symbols.

When you hit a winning combo, scarabs fly out of the symbols can activate the blockages, removing them. You then get an automatic re-spin! With every successive win, more scarabs disappear; when they’re all removed, the fun really starts. Also, consecutive wins can eventually lead to 3,125 ways to win!

Bonus Round

All Scarab blocks cleared away, you get an immediate 2x multiplier on any new wins. This also causes the Scarab Collections to activate. For every 5 red scarabs you collect, you’ll earn an “extra life” (used whenever a re-spin fails to win) and for every 5 blue scarabs, you’ll increase your multiplier by 1x.

All in all, it’s a pretty easy slot to play. However, the re-spin feature means you can quickly build up lucrative wins. It’s quite easy to make several hundred times your original stake if you keep playing!

Where to Play

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