Twin Spin Deluxe General Release - Time to Play!

Twin Spin Deluxe

Twin Spin Deluxe General Release - Time to Play!

Written by Daniel Wilson
February 7, 2018

When Twin Spin was released a few years ago, Netent realised they were onto a winning formula. The game has become one of their most popular of all time, garnering awards and huge plaudits from players. It wasn’t long until they set their sights on the follow-up – but would it live up to the hype?

Twin Spin Deluxe has the same premise and background as the original game in terms of graphics, the relatable vibe and overall design. However, it’s a bit more amped and modern. It has a futuristic aesthetic, and the reels run incredibly smoothly.

Of course the game-changing detail is the twin spinning itself. On every spin, at least two reels will join at the hip and spin together, producing the exact same symbols. Sometimes you’ll get 3, 4, 5 or even 6 simultaneous reels – naturally this guarantees a pretty penny or two! It’s a cracking feature, and one that really excites players.


As we’ve said, the game is designed to be futuristic, but it’s also pretty basic in other respects. The LED panel walls give off a 90’s disco vibe, while the symbols are all classics. It’s a fun game, but you’re playing for the features and soundtrack more than the visuals.

Gameplay and Layout

Twin Spin Deluxe features six reels, each 5 symbols deep, and uses Cluster Pays technology to find winning combinations. Basically adjacent symbols are rewarded, rather than like-symbols falling on active paylines. Adjacent symbols can be vertical or horizontal, but not diagonal, with a minimum of 9 symbols to get a win.

In terms of symbols, you’ve got the usual suspects:

  • Playing cards: ace, king, queen, jack
  • Cherries
  • Bells
  • Bars
  • Red 7s
  • Blue Diamonds (highest-value symbol)

For 30 in a cluster (aka every symbol on the reels) the diamonds will pay a whopping 1000x your stake, while red 7s and bars are close behind on 500x. If a playing card fills the screen, that’s worth 100x.

The soundtrack has accurately been compared to the dance music you’d find in a far-off nightclub, but it’s not too grating after an extended period of play!

Bonus Features

The only particular feature of Deluxe is the Twin Reels feature. Two adjacent reels will bind together on every single spin, producing identical symbols. In theory, this should always enhance your odds of winning as compared to any similar game without matching reels.

However, on it’s own it’s rarely a game-changer. What you’re really waiting for is the expanded version: you can get up to six whole reels synchronised in a single spin. It’s randomly activated, but once you get 3+ reels fully synced, you’re almost always looking at a win.

Anyone who lands the six synced reels is almost certainly getting a win, and probably a substantial one at that!

Our Verdict

The Twin Spin series is not the most exciting in the business. However, it does offer players a fast-paced environment, where payouts are semi regular and quite lucrative. It’s fun and simple, plus a graphical enhancement on the original.

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