Unleash the Power Within, and Play ‘Rise of Olympus’ Today


Unleash the Power Within, and Play ‘Rise of Olympus’ Today

Written by Daniel Wilson
September 10, 2018

Rise of Olympus is one of the latest slots released by Play’n GO, and they appear to have set the bar particularly high this time. It is an intense, powerful game with extremely high volatility, which means it isn’t well-suited to all players.

However, if you play online slots for the thrill of the chase, searching for that one life-changing victory, then Rise of Olympus could be the game for you. Full of in-game bonuses and surprises, Rise of Olympus will keep you on your toes!

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

Play’n GO has gone all out on the design of this one, creating a gorgeous setting fit for the pursuits of the legendary gods: Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus. The reels are set up in a 5×5 grid, and wins are achieved by aligning (vertically or horizontally) any 3 matching symbols – of course the game’s wild can help here too!

After any win, the involved symbols are eliminated from the game, and the remaining symbols on each reel fall down into place. If this forms any new winning combo, these symbols are also eliminated, and the consecutive wins continue until either:

  1. The remaining symbols can’t form a winning combination, or
  2. There are no symbols left at all.

This second outcome leads to the free spins round – but more on that later. If there are only wilds left at the end, then these disappear and you get to enjoy the bonus round anyway! Finally, after each individual win, the multiplier applied to each win is increased. You can track this along the left-hand side of the reels.

Special Features

Hand of God

As well as growth multipliers and consecutive wins, players can also enjoy this randomly-activated (on non-winning spins) feature: the Hand of God. There is one feature for each of the 3 gods:

  • Hades – One full set of symbols is selected, then transformed into a different symbol – this increases your odds of big, big payouts.
  • Poseidon – Either 1 or 2 wilds are added to the reels.
  • Zeus – The most powerful of all gods, Zeus selects two sets of symbols and destroys them, allowing new symbols to fall into their place.

While these aren’t blockbuster features, they are better than nothing!

Free Spins Round

The free spins round is activated by clearing the full grid of symbols. Players can select a god to help them with their spins which means their associated Hand of God feature is activated. If you manage to clear the full grid again during the free spins round (and it’s entirely plausible that you will) then you’ll receive an instant cash bonus of 100x your stake.

Our Verdict

Let’s not pretend otherwise: Rise of Olympus is an extremely volatile slot. You could play for an hour and have absolutely nothing to show for it. Alternatively, you could make a single spin and earn tens of thousands of dollars – it’s impossible to predict.

What we can guarantee is that once you start playing, you’re gonna be instantly hooked. We tip our hats to Play’n GO, because this is a superb example of online slot design!

147 Free Spins + $1000 Bonus!
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