Venture to Asgard with Pragmatic Play’s All-Powerful New Slot


Venture to Asgard with Pragmatic Play’s All-Powerful New Slot

Written by Daniel Wilson
August 30, 2018

We all know that Pragmatic Play is capable of producing world-beating games when they’re on form. But with Norse mythology being one of the most bloated genres in the online betting industry, can they do enough to stand out? We take a deep dive into this game, looking at the slot’s design, volatility, creativity, and of course, its biggest payouts.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Asgard!


As you’d expect, this game is about Asgard, the mythical home of all Norse gods. Your favourites – Thor, Loki, Odin, and Freyja – are all in attendance!

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

We’ll admit it: we judged this slot by its cover. At first sight, the artwork and graphic design of the game do little to impress players: the symbols are basic, the characters look a bit cheap, and the theme song is indistinguishable from hundreds of other powerful-gods-games. However, after a few spins, we were eating our words.

The in-game features offer Asgard an unexpected level of versatility and class.

There are four separate, randomly-activated bonuses which can be triggered during the base game. One for each of our four heroes:

  • Thor – As you’d expect, Thor takes command of the lightning and summons its power to transform the reels. All of the low-value symbols immediately morph into wilds, usually triggering a cascade of gold into your account!
  • Odin – Using his mighty power, Odin summons at least two fully stacked wilds. If you’re exceptionally lucky, you might even get more than that. Unfortunately, we found this bonus to be a bit ineffective; you still need very powerful symbols elsewhere on the reels.
  • Loki – The reels are injected with a horde of special Loki symbols. Once the spin ends, those Loki symbols all transform into a matching normal symbol. Fingers crossed you get a good one!
  • Freyja – We found this to be the most effective for triggering serious wins. Between 3 and 5 wilds are randomly added to the reels. Getting the full five was pretty common – a pleasant surprise!

The best thing is that these features were popping up all the time! We played for about 20 minutes, and enjoyed each of the bonuses 2-3 times. Full disclosure: we were often holding the spacebar down, which enabled a hyper-fast spin mode.

Still, the payouts were many and generous!

Special Features

That’s right. On top of those awesome features we just talked you through, there is still a free spins round to contend with! There’s a special diamond-coloured helm that only lands on reels 2, 3, and 4. If you stop the symbol on all 3 reels during a single spin, then it’s free spins time!

Bad news: there are only 5 spins.

Good news: you get to choose one of the four God bonuses that are active during the base game!

This turns your luck the right way up, and can mean 5 spins worth of uninterrupted godly gold! We recommend the Freyja bonus, as hers always seemed to reward our spins most graciously.

Our Verdict

Lesson learned: never judge a slot by its cover! Asgard is not a very pretty game, and stylistically it feels like something released 5-8 years ago. However, in terms of wins and payouts, it is astonishingly powerful. Without even triggering the free spins round you can take home huge lump sums – particularly if you’re wagering at the game’s maximum of $125 per spin!

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