Wacky Panda is the Latest Classic Online Slot from Microgaming


Wacky Panda is the Latest Classic Online Slot from Microgaming

Written by Daniel Wilson
February 5, 2018

If you’ve been playing online slots for a while now, then you’ll know that everyone has their own unique tastes and preferences. Some yearn for the power of a Thunderstruck II and its whirlwind of free spins, others for the simple pleasures of a 3-reel classic slot. This is a game for the latter group.

While the game itself isn’t really all that wild, the pandas are all in differing states of emotion: amazed, in love, distraught. The highest-value symbol is the super-happy dancing panda!

With only 3 reels and a single payline across the middle of the screen, the entire paytable is also on display at all times. You can win a whopping a 1,000x your stake if you get 3 dancing pandas at once, though it’s obviously very unlikely! Simplicity is exactly what Microgaming has tried to achieve with this one, and it’s aimed at a very specific group of players.

So, if that sounds like you, then try Wacky Panda and see if you can come away with a big win!


The reels are set in a southern Chinese forest paradise, with glittering waterfalls and green foliage. The game is meant to be easy and fun: cute animals, simple rules, high-value payouts.

Gameplay and Layout

Wacky Panda opens up with a fun little intro sequence, and then everything is laid bare on a single screen. In the background you’ve got rolling green jungle, trees, bamboo, running water and a distant, clear sky. It’s beautiful, and really well designed by the Microgaming team.

In the midst of it all you have the reels (surrounded in a frame of bamboo, of course!), the paytable and the “Credit”, “Bet Amount”, “Win” and “Spin” boxes along the bottom.


It’s a classic online slot, which means there is only a single horizontal payline across the middle of the reels. However, Wacky Panda does throw one surprise our way: the highest-value symbol also pays out on its own, or in a pair!

So if that one symbol lands on the centre payline, you’re guaranteed a win. For every other symbol, it has to be all 3. Naturally the fruit are the lowest-paying symbols, with the grapes, bananas and watermelon worth 20, 25 and 30 coins respectively.

Then you get the pandas. They’re all pretty cute and funny, and landing 3 of any panda will result in a great payout! Be warned though, this is a high volatility game and you could go a long time without getting one of these payouts. On the upside, the single dancing panda appears with some regularity.

Our Verdict

For any players who enjoy unique bonus rounds, free spins, exciting animations or any of the trademarks of video slots, then don’t bother with Wacky Panda. However, if simplicity is your thing, and you don’t mind the lack of autospin, you might just have found your new favourite!

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