Welcome to Ancient Greece, Home of the Gorgeous Goddess!


From the beautiful blonde protagonist, to the white marble columns and deep blue skies, Gorgeous Goddess is all about the fantastic civilisation of Ancient Greece.

It’s true that the characters look perhaps a shade too Hollywood (blisteringly white teeth and good looks) and the game design is quite cartoonish, but the overall effect is pretty pleasing. Our expectations are actually set relatively low from the outset, which means that when we get into the meat of the game, we’re actually quite impressed!

Players win payouts in the usual way: by activating one of the 50 paylines during a spin, with 3+ matching symbols on the line. Not only that, but players can access a free spins round and unlock a whopping progressive jackpot, too!


The whole game is set in front of, we assume, The Pantheon, with its huge marble columns set against the blue sky. It’s a very simple design, with as many references to the ancient Greeks as possible!

Gameplay Overview

The base gameplay is pretty simple with Gorgeous Goddess. There are two special symbols – the wild and scatter – which can make things pretty interesting, but otherwise it can be quite a frustrating, high-variance experience.

Wins are none too common, but range all the way up to a monstrous progressive jackpot, so occasionally players to encounter a blistering win!

One cool feature available in the base game is the ability to gamble on any spin! If you strike a winning combination, you can choose whether a playing card will be black or red: guess right, double your money; guess wrong, and leave with nothing!

Special Features

Free Spins Round

The harp acts as the game’s bonus symbol, and landing 3 during a single spin will result in a payout of 50x, 500x, or 5000x for 3, 4, or 5 on a payline. Not only that, but you’ll also trigger 15 free spins! All winning will be passed through a 5x multiplier so the payout from this round is likely to be huge!

Progressive Jackpot

During this round, players can also get lucky and unlock a progressive jackpot. How to do it? Land an Aphrodite symbol on every single reel at once! Not easy, of course, but that’s why the rewards is so valuable. The jackpot is shared across all Novomatic progressive games, and therefore all games contribute to the total, helping it climb quickly.

Our Verdict

There’s no getting away from the basic design: it’s etched into every line. However, if you aren’t a graphics purist (and we know that many of you are!) then you’ll find Gorgeous Goddess quite an entertaining slot.

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