Welcome to the Most Fun Slot of 2018: Treasure Mine

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Welcome to the Most Fun Slot of 2018: Treasure Mine

Written by Daniel Wilson
March 3, 2018

Every adventure game needs a great protagonist, and everyone who plays Treasure Mine will have the pleasure of gallivanting around with the mighty Redbeard, the whimsical old miner in search of plunder!

Armed with his mighty hammer and voluminous bag (intended for carrying home many, many gems and gold pieces), there’s only one small thing between Redbeard and his life-changing payday: a mighty blue dragon!

Okay, so getting through all the spins without draining your bank balance is probably a larger concern, but it is nice to see a developer who puts some effort into storytelling. The game has a rich bonus round and players can wager up to $500 on every spin – despite being fun, it’s also serious about money.


Let’s just say, we expect the developers over at Red Tiger Gaming didn’t endure too much stress coming up with this one – it feels like a baby born from happiness, energy and wild imagination. Fun, entertaining and super light, Treasure Mine is a superb addition to the RTG arsenal!

Gameplay and Reels Setup

Treasure Mine is simply made, with 5 reels, 20 symbols and 40 paylines. What really impresses players immediately is the artistic design: the reels have this soft, ephemeral glow which casts them in a beautiful light. Every symbol seems burnished with light gold, and the reel motion is as smooth as any we’ve ever seen.

Long story short, Treasure Mine is not just fun: it’s a truly beautiful game.

There are a few common symbols – ten, jack, queen, king etc – but also some which are unique to the underground world of mining:

  • Goggles
  • A lantern
  • Carts of gold
  • Redbeard’s mighty hammer

The hammer is the highest-value regular symbol, worth 280x stake for 5 on a payline.

Wilds and Bonuses

Redbeard himself features as one of the game’s wilds, alongside the “Treasure Strike” wild and the Dragon wild. When these wilds appear together on the reels, crazy action ensues and the rewards start flowing in:

  • Redbeard and Treasure Strike – Redbeard quickly hammers away as much treasure as possible.
  • Treasure Strike and Dragon – The dragon breathes fire on the treasure to multiply it.
  • Dragon and Redbeard –  Redbeard leaves behind a trail of wilds as he runs from the dragon!

In addition to these whopping base game bonuses, players can unlock a bonus round by landing 3+ scatters at once on any single spin. Redbeard will fly through the mines on his cart, collecting as many jewels as possible – this is worth up to 1,000x stake!

Our Verdict

This is almost certainly the most entertaining and enjoyable game we’ve seen in 2018 (though El Jackpotto gives it a good run for its money) and we think everyone should give it a try. Have fun, and see if you can come home with some gold!

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