Witness the Power of an Ancient People with Mayan Gods by Red Tiger


Witness the Power of an Ancient People with Mayan Gods by Red Tiger

Written by Daniel Wilson
September 13, 2018

The Mayans were an ancient civilisation of Central America, whose incredibly advanced culture is readily admired by historians all over the world. This game, however, would have stunned them into early extinction we’re sure!

Playable from up to $100 per spin with a variety of in-game bonuses showering players in cash, this is a slot any modern gamer should be happy to play!

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

The Mayans were a complex and creative people, and their culture is vaguely portrayed with a series of generic symbols, carved rocks, and spooky music. The game’s graphics are simultaneously basic and well-done: the game doesn’t try to be cinematic (like an Yggdrasil or Quickspin title) but everything is crisp, colourful, and elegant.

In terms of actual gameplay, it’s a smooth ride. The spin button is responsive and the symbols fall into place with little delay. If you hold the spacebar then ‘turbo’ mode is activated and you can rattle through spins at 3-4 times the usual speed.

The vast majority of wins (which are fairly regular) are from the lowest-paying symbols like the lightning bolt, leaf, wind, water, and fire etchings. This means your average payout is quite poor. However, if the more valuable symbols do land, the payouts become orders of magnitude more valuable.

Successive Wins

We hope you aren’t worried about the ‘generally low-value wins’ we mentioned – Red Tiger has spotted it too! They’ve built the game around their Successive Wins feature. When a winning combination lands, the involved symbols are exploded and new ones fall down to take their place. If this forms a new winning combination, then the same happens again – and there’s an incremental multiplier in action!

If you get 3 successive wins, then it’s a 3x multiplier and so on.

Special Features

Unfortunately there isn’t a free spins round to fight for in this game. Instead, there are a variety of in-game special features which can be randomly triggered during any spin. Each presents itself after you hit the ‘spin’ button, and is represented by a powerful new symbol.

  • King – When a giant 2×2 symbol crashes onto the reels, it takes the form of the game’s only wild. Not only that, but it can produce additional wilds if it so chooses!
  • Eclipse – The Eclipse symbol turns the game on its head by selecting itself, and a variety of other symbols, and transforming them all until they match. This tends to yield superb payouts!
  • UFO – The mysterious UFO uses its extraterrestrial power to turn low-value symbols into high-value ones. Since most symbols are usually low-value, this can be incredibly powerful.
  • Shaman – Using his magic, the Shaman blasts all the current symbols off the reels, hikes up the multiplier, and then lets a new set of symbols rain down to produce a second win.

Our Verdict

Mayan Gods is a very clean and playable game. The wins are potentially very good, though in practise they tend to lack any real bite. However, this is true for most online slots. The missing free spins round is keenly felt, but otherwise this is a great game and we expect most players to enjoy having a go.

147 Free Spins + $1000 Bonus!
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