Yeti Battle of Greenhat Peak: The Adventure Slot You Never Knew You Needed!


Yeti Battle of Greenhat Peak: The Adventure Slot You Never Knew You Needed!

Written by Daniel Wilson
July 17, 2018

Welcome to one of the most enjoyable games of 2018 so far: Yeti Battle of Greenhat Peak. From the beautiful design, to the charming bonus round and the hilarious Yeti himself, this slot has so much to offer it’s almost ridiculous!

It’s easily one of Thunderkick’s greatest hits, and we can’t wait to describe it for you. Let’s get started…

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

Yeti Battle of Greenhat Peak is a fun, beautiful game which will hit the spot with any audience. The artistic design wouldn’t be out of place in Disney’s Frozen and there’s a certain charm about the game you don’t often see.

Three symbols worth noting:

  • The Yeti – This is the highest-paying base game symbol, and so you want as many of them covering the reels as possible!
  • Wilds – Wilds do what wilds do: they contribute to bigger wins and substitute for any other symbols.
  • Carrots – These are the true heroes of Greenhat Peak. 3+ will trigger the bonus round, while landing just two leads to sticky wilds (up to 3) and can also trigger the bonus round!

As a low-medium variance game, the payouts are quite regular and generally underwhelming. It’s a 5×3 slot that can be played from as little as $0.10 per spin – you can see why we said it’s accessible to anyone!

Free Spins!

The biggest feature of this game is by far its bonus round, so we’re going to spend a bit of time here. So what makes this round so enjoyable?

  1. It can be triggered in two different ways, increasing your chances
  2. It can be extremely lucrative!

So here’s how it works. Like most games, if you land 3+ scatter symbols (those fancy glowing carrots in this case) you’ll activate the bonus. 3, 4, or 5 spins will reward 10, 15, or 20 spins respectively!

But it gets better. Remember the Wild Attack round in the base game? Well, its rewards don’t stop at reaching 3 extra wilds – if your luck is in, this can also trigger the free spin round on its own! 10 free spins without landing all the scatters? Yes please!

Once you’re in the game, two features worth noting:

  • Wilds – Additional wilds are added on every spin, initially one wild per spin. The wild freezes in place, and remains in position until it is used in a winning combination – it’s possible to save up wilds for a killer payout!

Even better, landing 3 bonus symbols (across any number of spins) leads to an extra sticky wild. Another 3 carrots, another 3 wilds, until you’re getting 3 sticky wilds per spin! Each milestone also generates 2 free spins, and adds them to your arsenal.

  • Extra spins – In the base game, completing the Wild Attacks activates the bonus round. During the bonus round, getting 3 extra carrots means 5 additional free spins!

The result? Big, big bucks if you manage to trigger the extra spins and your sticky wilds find the right combinations. This round is also really fun, with brilliant animations and a catchy, energetic soundtrack keeping you involved.

Our Verdict

What a game! The only drawback for some players is that it is a low-med variance game: you win pretty often, but usually for trivial amounts. The bonus round will pay out well (though not necessarily amazingly) so compared to highly volatile games which can pay thousands of times your stake per spin, it’s a little modest.

But fundamentally it is a great slot: fun, attractive, well-built, and it does pay. You have to try Yeti Battle of Greenhat Peak!

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