Yggdrasil Christmas: One Festive Month, Ten Promotions, $500,000 in Cash


If you’re a long-term fan of Yggdrasil, you might remember their Christmas promotion last year – well, you can now recycle that memory as they’ve gone bigger and better in 2017! By playing at any of their partner casinos from December 1st right through until January 3rd, you can get your hands on a mighty share of their $500,000 prize pot!

Rather than a single prize draw, Yggdrasil has cleverly spread out their offering over ten separate promotions, each lasting only a few days. In doing so, Yggdrasil gives you the chance to win on nearly a dozen different occasions!

Nothing says Happy Christmas like a fat wad of bonus cash, so make sure you get involved!

The Events

Every tournament runs over a period of only 2-4 days, and they all follow the same premise: complete spins at the featured slots and gain automatic entry into a massive cash prize draw! Each draw is worth tens of thousands of dollars, and the more you play, the more entries you’ll receive.

The draws happen immediately after each promotional period ends, so you could feasibly take home winnings from several different mini events, all before Christmas Day!

The smallest possible prize is $10, so even if you finish low down in a few draws, you can still make a profit! If you want a very Merry Christmas this year, make sure you spend some time playing at Yggdrasil casinos.

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